Chicago Commercial Construction

Chicago Commercial Construction

9101 S. Baltimore Avenue, Chicago, IL 60617


CPS Louis Pasteur Elementary

Project Details

This Chicago Commercial Construction (CCC) project was completed this past summer under budget and on time. The classroom was originally one big standard class room then was transformed into a medical lab on one side with a dividing wall to a classroom setting area. The dividing wall does not extend the whole width of the room, it more or less separates it so half the class can be working with the medical equipment and the other half can be learning from their books. Within the room there are x-ray machines, exam tables and medical beds that allow you take blood, check pulses and perform other medical procedures. The room has a separate office within the space for the teacher and a storage room where the mannequins, sharps disposals and other equipment is held. The class room is equipped with desktop computers along with laptops to ensure the kids have the best learning experience possible. Classrooms like this are a great motivational tool to jumpstart kids in the right direction for the rest of their lives.